Sniper Mission War

by Kiz10


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You are prepared to experience a very genuine journey. Sniper Mission War is a 3D internet game. You will play as an elite soldier in the sniper forces, and you must perform difficult tasks to win the conflict. Follow the directions at all stages and be cautious not to be found to avoid losing your chance to accomplish the job. Get ready for the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping shooting game ever, with the best 3D sniper experience ever! In Sniper 3D, you play the role of a deadly assassin in the best free gun game ever. This adrenaline-fueled sniper game will immerse you in intense offline missions where you may test your shooting skills



Controls: WASD to move Left click to shoot Right click to aim Spacebar Jump Ctr to Run F Interact Esc Menu


900 X 600


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